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Options for checking articles and other texts for uniqueness

There are several ways to check content for uniqueness - with the help of online services, special programs.

There are several ways to check content for uniqueness - with the help of online services, special programs. Using them is quite simple, you just need to copy the text and paste it into the verification window. You can also check url for plagiarism if the content has already been published on the site.

Why check content uniqueness?

Uniqueness is one of the methods of evaluating the attractiveness of content by search engines. Sites with relevant, unique materials have more chances to get to the top of search results. But there are nuances here too - it is not enough to do an ordinary rewrite today. Content quality assessment models of Google and other search engines today take into account a large number of additional parameters. The textual material should have its own style, be "alive". Having synonyms, interesting combinations of words for a good text is a must have.

What is plagiarism?

In simple words, plagiarism is the presence of content familiar to the search engine on another resource. But even here there are nuances that every author needs to know:

  1. Unfortunately, search robots are not yet smart enough. They consider the original source to be the resource where they found certain content for the first time. If one site copied an article from another and was indexed earlier, then it will be considered the original source.
  2. If the content was copied, but the site is considered by the search engine as the primary source of information, then this will not negatively affect its position.
  3. Search engines quite easily cope with the recognition of mediocre quality rewrites. In this matter, they are better than all services that check the uniqueness of texts.

How do uniqueness check services work?

There are a large number of services on the Internet, with the help of which you can find out whether your content is unique. Almost all of them are paid, but platforms like skandy.co offer a certain free package. With its help, you can check the quality of the service. If you need to work with relatively small volumes, then the free package will be enough. In all other cases, authors are better off purchasing a subscription. It removes all restrictions.

All verification services are based on 2 methods:
• shingle;
• correlational.

The first one looks for text fragments that may match. First, stop words are removed from the text. Then it is divided into shingles - 3-4 words each. Phrases are matched with information on the Internet. The system shows the uniqueness of the text, non-unique fragments and sites where a match was found. To increase the uniqueness of the copywriter, it is enough to change the non-unique parts.
Correlation systems pay attention not to the similarity of text fragments, but to the coincidence of meaning.

Recommendations for uniqueization

To get a text with a high rate of uniqueness, it is worth using several sources of information, even if it is a question of rewriting. Technical terms should be replaced, or at least their number should be reduced. It is also worth getting rid of the use of well-known phrases and quotes.

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